H2 Respire 1000 Therapeutic grade system


Clinical Grade Pure Hydrogen Brown’s Gas Inhalation System


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High Levels of Free Radical Fighting Properties

Neutralize free radical damage with the H2 inhalation and protect your body from oxidation. Molecular hydrogen inhalation helps reduce inflammation, oxidation heals wounds, & is a natural therapeutic gas for overall health & wellbeing

High Levels of Free Radical Fighting Properties
Hydrogen inhalation clinical grade


The H2 Respire 1000 by Qlife is a therapeutic grade Oxyhydrogen (Brown’s Gas) & Pure H2 inhalation generator. Developed with the newest German-made SPE/PEM membrane & electrode technology this machine can generate therapeutic levels of molecular hydrogen H2 flow rate of (666 ml/min) or Oxyhydrogen Brown’s Gas ( total flow rate H2 + O2 999 ml/min).

Unleashing the Power of Hydrogen: Introduction video to the H2 Respire 1000 Clinical Grade Hydrogen Brown's Gas Inhalation System

4.4″ Large Touch Display Panel

Multiple Smart Sensors Display &  Simple 3 Buttons Operations

H2 Respire 1000 LCD Display touch panel
H2 Respire 1000 LCD Display touch panel

Quick & Easy Setup


Built-in 4 Castor wheels & handles for easy mobility

H2 Respire 1000 with 4 castor wheels
H2 Respire 1000 with 4 castor wheels

All New Humidifier Bottles

Designed to provide maximum safety while generating pure h2 gas.

H2 respire 1000 New Humidifier Bottles
H2 Respire 1000 New Humidifier Bottles

Extra Large Water Tank

Large water tank (2.6L) for long H2 generation without overheating

H2 Respire 1000 Big water tank
H2 Respire 1000 Big water tank

Clinical Grade Molecular H2 Gas for your Clinic or Home

The H2 Respire 1000 can reach effective levels of molecular hydrogen gas which has been shown in over 1000+ medical studies to support overall well-being and potentially alleviate certain health conditions through its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and cell-signaling properties.


3 Different Modes of INHALATION

Pure H2:
Inhale Pure H2 up to 99.97%

Oxyhydrogen (Brown’s Gas) :
Inhale the special golden ratio of Brown’s Gas (O2 & H2)

Pure O2 (Oxygen Therapy):
Inhale up to 99.97% Pure O2 for Oxygen Therapy.

H2 Oxyhydrogen O2 modes
H2 Oxyhydrogen O2 modes

Create High Quality Molecular Hydrogen Water with Antioxidants

Place the nano stick in your favourite water (mineral, distilled, gas) and create therapeutic molecular hydrogen water in minutes. Generate up to 1500 ppb (1.5 ppm) of hydrogen-infused water ( Cannot be higher as it is not pressurized). The H2 water can create an Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) up to -800mz

Hydrogen soak footbath

Clinical Grade Hydrogen Isolation Therapy via Soaking

Hydrogen Isolation therapy can be used to help reduce inflammation and heal wounds in specific problem areas. You can soothe your skin, foot, hands, and specific body parts with H2 gas which studies have shown to be very beneficial for healing wounds & inflammation.

Share, Heal, & Experience H2 with Family & Friends

Enjoying your molecular hydrogen sessions with your friends of family is a great way for you to share the benefits of H2 with those close to you. The H2 Respire 1000 can be used with up to 3 people simultaneously really bringing your conversations to a molecular level. Watch Multi-User Setup Guide Video.

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Clean Water, Better H2 with Resin Filter

The resin filter x 2 included in the system is there to help make sure that the distilled water you use is in the best condition for creating pure molecular hydrogen gas. This filter should be changed every 700 hours of hydrogen gas generation (Approx. 3-6 months).