H2 Respire 150


The H2 Respire 150 is a portable molecular hydrogen gas inhaler machine, used to help you enjoy the health benefits of molecular hydrogen through hydrogen inhalation. Studies have been shown that breathing in molecular hydrogen is the most rapid way for the body to absorb and help fight off dangerous free radicals & reduce inflammation.

Third-Party Testing

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Water Quality & Tilt Sensor Technology

The Water & tilt sensor technology ensures that H2 Respire is always in optimum conditions for creating molecular hydrogen gas. If water quality is poor or needs to be replaced or when water is low the device will remind you to add more water.

Create Quality Safe Hydrogen Drinking Water

Drinking hydrogen water is a great way to increase your H2 levels and also get great hydration. The H2 Respire 150 can also make hydrogen water up to 1400 ppb in 15  minutes.

(Picture Shown with accessories H2 Nano Stick)

Therapeutic Flow Rate of Hydrogen Gas at 150ml/min

Studies have been showing for hydrogen inhalation to be therapeutic, the hydrogen inhalation machine needs to be able to deliver a flow rate with at least 120ml/min. The H2 Respires has a flow rate of 150ml/ min making it one of the smallest therapeutic units available today. For 3 hrs without overheating

New SPE/PEM Technology for Pure & Safe H2 Gas

The SPE/PEM technology on the H2 Respire ensures that the hydrogen gas generated is pure hydrogen gas at 99.9%. Any waste oxygen gas generated is safely emitted into the air.

Isolation Hydrogen Therapy via H2 Gas Soaking

 Molecular hydrogen is one of the smallest molecules and can penetrate deep into cell membranes. Studies have shown that isolation hydrogen therapy is a great way to reduce inflammation.

Lightweight & Portable

The H2 Respire comes with a traveling bag to carry this small, portable, but also powerful H2 Generator.  Weighing at only 3.5lbs (1.6kg) this device can be used and taken anywhere.