Qlife MAX


Qlife MAX, Your personal portable hydrogen water maker. Go Green, no more unnecessary $3.00 plastic landfill waste Hydrogen water packs. 

Generate High Levels of Molecular Hydrogen

The Qlife Max can generate up to 2000ppb (2.0 ppm) of molecular hydrogen nanobubbles in one cycle. With additional cycle-infused water with hydrogen, levels can be increased to 2500-3000ppb


Research has shown that hydrogen water could be one of the best antioxidants for our health.  Molecular hydrogen has been shown to search and neutralize some of the most toxic free radicals in our bodies. Start reducing your free radical damage by drinking Qlife Hydrogen Water today.

Qlife MAX intro Video

Improve Immune System

Drinking 2-3 Liters H2 rich water a day is like eating plates of superfoods. Keeping energy levels high and your immune system strong. Imagine drinking H2 water while eating super foods at the same time, what that will do for your health?

Feel Young Again

Studies have shown over time that drinking hydrogen rich water can help you recover faster, look younger, aid weight control, & feel great.

Generate High Levels of Molecular Hydrogen

The Qcup Max can generate up to 3000ppb (3.0 ppm) of molecular hydrogen nanobubbles in one cycle. With additional cycle infused water with hydrogen, levels can be increased to 4000-5000 ppb (4.0-5.0 ppm).

Platinum Coated Titanium Electrodes that Last

Our Platinum coated titanium plates technology ensures durability, safety, and better conductivity when taking hydrogen water. This will make sure that the water you drink is safe and will produce high quality hydrogen water for years.

SPE / PEM Technology for Clean & Safe Hydrogen Water Everyday

Using the newest SPE / PEM membrane technology from Japan promises that every time you drink from a Qlife product it’s safe. This new membrane technology combined with the correct engineering ensures that your water will be free of Ozone & Chlorine gases. Read more about SPE/PEM technology here.

9 Layers SPE/PEM Dual Chamber Membrane Electrode Design

The 9 layers dual chamber SPE membrane is the one of the critical technologies which make the Qcup Max one of the most powerful portable units. With each cycle you will create super high concentrations of hydrogen nanobubbles.

Make life Easy with our Bottle Adaptor 

Easily enjoy hydrogen water when travelling and sharing with friends. Fits most standard water bottles you can buy in markets or convenience stores today.

Super Fast USB Type C Charging

The Type C Quick charging system fully charges the Qcup Max in just 1.5 hours now, 3X faster than previous models of the Qcup Series. On a full charge now can make 12 generations of high concentration of H²